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Our nonprofit community provides education and training resources for like minded investors.

Take Back Control
of Your Money

The Prosperity Economics Movement helps clients and advisors regain financial control by breaking from the norms of typical financial planning and building a Prosperity Mindset. We help you build sustainable and secure wealth by:

  • Emphasizing strategies that keep you on solid financial ground and keep you off the investment roller coaster of the stock market.
  • Providing savings alternatives to banks that offer privacy and protection for your financial future.
  • Revolutionizing the advisor/client relationship by eliminating standard “management fees” and other charges that hinder your financial performance.
  • Teaching you how to protect what you already have and how to grow and build from it.

Our Values

You may be a good fit for our like-minded community if you share these values:


We anticipate changes in the financial landscape and proactively prepare instead of reacting after changes occur.


We focus on protecting what you’ve already built, so you’re always moving forward instead of covering for losses.


We use creative, outside-the-box thinking to generate wealth-building opportunities.


We are always looking to go beyond “good enough”; our mission is to help our clients and others reach for abundance.


We empower others to regain control of their finances by providing education, tools, and self-help resources.


We promote flexible strategies that can be implemented at your discretion; you remain in the driver’s seat.

The Prosperity Economics Movement Difference

The PEM philosophy and approach to personal finance is based on a prosperous way of thinking that helps clients and advisors “reach for the mountain tops” with their financial dreams. Compare our philosophy to that of typical financial planning:

A prosperous way of thinking

Prosperity Economics™

Pursues wants and dreams beyond limitations

Keeps you always in control of your money and decisions

Focuses on achieving freedom and abundance

Builds independent flexibility and confidence through education

Encourages increased cash movement and a continual flow of money

Promotes 401(k) alternatives and IRA alternatives that minimize long-term tax implications

The old way of thinking

Typical Financial Planning

Defines success as simply meeting specified needs, not exceeding them

Decisions influenced by the wrong focus; money controlled by banks and institutions

Focuses on building “enough” for retirement

Builds reliance on a “trusted” advisor

Encourages a “hold” strategy where assets remain stagnant and locked in place

Promotes maximum contributions to 401(k)s and IRAs with long-term tax consequences

Are You Ready?

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Co-founder of The Prosperity Economics™™ Movement, Kim Butler, has spent her career in the personal finance space. She is frequently sought as a subject matter expert for whole life insurance and alternative investments, and she used her expertise to boil down these strategies for investing experts and non-experts alike. In this book, you’ll discover:

  • The centuries-old wealth-building method that helps your money grow without taxes
  • The best strategies for building prosperity at any life stage
  • How to benefit from your life insurance while you’re still alive
  • …. And many other surprising tips for living prosperously!

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