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The Prosperity Economics Movement is a community that is focused on finding financial solutions for people who want to break free from the Wall Street norm.

Pursue your wants and dreams

Limiting your desires to limited ideas of “what you can afford” puts manacles on your imagination. Prosperity Economics espouses the reality that your wants and dreams should exert a controlling force on your financial potential, not the other way around.

Optimize your opportunities

The predominant mindset of the PEM movement is driven by an essential question: “How else can I build wealth?” This is diametrically different than “How much do I have to save?” The former welcomes possibility, the latter limits potential. Shooting for a savings goal may get you to the goal. On the other hand, striving to find new ways of generating wealth blows the roof off your potential and reveals the sky as your only limit.

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Focus on financial strategy, not products

Many people view the things they purchase as what defines them. What if your economic identity were based on proactive financial strategy instead of the consumption of goods and services? With a focus on financial strategy, you open yourself to virtually unlimited possibilities for prosperity.

Recover your opportunity costs

Understanding the nature of opportunity costs and how to limit—or eliminate—them can help you get the most out of your time and energies. Your time and investment choices each present valuable prospects for growth. PEM teaches investors how to take advantage of these golden opportunities and optimize their financial potential.

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Surprising Strategies to Build Life-Long Prosperity

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