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Kim D. H. Butler, author of "Live Your Life Insurance"

I wrote a book called, Live Your Life Insurance and it’s designed to give people very specific guidance on living your life insurance. What does that mean? Well, life insurance is kind of a funny product because it is called life insurance, but SO MANY people think of it as death insurance. This is a myth, and there are all kinds of permanent life insurance policies that are designed to be used while you’re living! 

The book it is broken up into three different sections:

The first section is the typical starting point. Might be somebody 20 years old, might be somebody 50 years old, but it’s basically phase one of using or living or working with life insurance as a product. 

Phase two gives you some examples of what people would typically do with life insurance in what people call retirement.

And finally, phase three goes into how you use the life insurance way in your later years.

People are going to be living well over 100 these days. The book gives some stories of our clients, how they’ve used their life insurance. Again, it’s very specific and to the point the people that will enjoy this book is anybody that is interested in learning more about whole life insurance. 

You may have read Nelson Nash’s book about infinite banking or a variety of others that are out there these days. But Live Your Life Insurance is for the owner of the policy to learn how THEY can benefit from it while they are living.