What is Whole Life 101?

whole life 101

You may have noticed the new menu tab on our website, “Whole Life 101.” Introducing our latest offering, the Whole Life Insurance 101 course.

Whole life insurance, from a participating mutual company, is a versatile financial product that acts as the ideal foundation to your finances. It’s one of the few assets with guarantees, and it helps all of your other assets work better. That being said, it’s not always easy to understand the ins and outs, or optimize your usage of whole life. 

Statements from companies can sometimes be unclear, or full of jargon. What’s more, sometimes people don’t fully understand the power of their policies. That’s where the Whole Life 101 course comes in. This video course will give you the tools to know exactly how to use your policy to the best of your ability. 

Why Whole Life 101?

Kim Butler, co- founder of the Prosperity Economics™ Movement, has been helping people like you with life insurance for over 25 years. That’s a lot of time and experience seeing how people succeed with their policies, and what happens when they don’t. Over those years, she and her team have noted some “blind spots” of whole life insurance.

Common life insurance mistakes include: 

  • Borrowing too much too soon against the policy
  • Forgetting how it works or what to expect
  • Allowing policies to lapse by not practicing good banking 
  • And more

Often, these mistakes lead people to cancel policies prematurely because they don’t fully understand what they have, or how to use it. Even when you DO know how to use your life insurance, reminders can help you optimize.

The Whole Life 101 course offers a way to reach more people, more efficiently, and answer some of the most commonly asked questions about life insurance. It’s also full of facts that all policy owners should know, but either don’t get explained or are hard to understand. 

This course really picks up where the book Live Your Life Insurance leaves off. (If you haven’t yet, claim your free copy today.) Kim Butler wrote the book to answer the overarching reasons you should want life insurance. This course is designed for those seeking a, “What now?”

Unique Visual Aids

Another reason the course is valuable is the use of visual references. Using Truth Concepts software, designed by PEM’s co-founder Todd Langford (Kim’s husband), Kim delivers powerful information on how life insurance works. You’ll see first-hand illustrations on powerful financial strategies that you can leverage.

What the Course Covers

There’s so much more to a whole life insurance policy than the cash value and the death benefit. That’s one of the primary reasons we created the course. Made with you in mind, the course addresses questions like:

  • What do you need to know about dividend options?
  • Which payment option is best?
  • How do policy loans work?
  • How does taxation work?
  • How does cash value grow?
  • What costs do you pay within your policy?
  • How can you use your policy for your benefit?

Kim also explains some of the biggest misunderstandings about the life insurance industry.

  • How whole life insurance differs from other “permanent” life insurance
  • Why term insurance makes a valuable pairing with whole life insurance
  • Why you shouldn’t call it an “investment”
  • How whole life interacts with your personal economy

Get Started with Whole Life 101 Today

To get in touch with a Prosperity Economics™ Advisor, who can help you get started on a whole life insurance policy, contact us today.

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