The Best of the Web for Personal Finance: Blog Roundup

the best of the web for personal finance

The mission of the Prosperity Economics™ Movement is financial education, as our goal with this blog has been. And today, we’re offering the “best of the web” to you today, as our Christmas gift to you. That is, articles beyond our website that we feel share a strong (and honest) message about personal finance.

The following resources are for you to get an additional perspective on topics like teach money principles to your children, growing your cash, and more. We trust you’ll enjoy these resources as much as we do!

How to Teach Your Children Money Principles Effectively

The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE for short), is an excellent resource for you and your family. We find their articles to be helpful, timely, and accurate. From economics to entrepreneurship, you’ll find their articles insightful. FEE also hosts events for high school students and young adults.

The following article is one we think can help young families think of age-appropriate ways to teach their children strong financial principles.

READ: “Need to Teach Your Kids About Finance? Fun and Engaging Ways to Start”

Growing Cash in a Low-Interest Rate Environment

It’s rare that we’d send you toward Kiplinger as a resource, since they (like many in financial media) tend to spread misinformation about life insurance. However, times are changing. And recent low interest rates may be making sources like Kiplinger rethink their stance on insurance.

Articles with fresh and accurate information about life insurance, such as the one below, are becoming more common. For tips on how to grow your cash in a low-interest rate environment, check out the article below.

READ: “What to Do With Cash in a Low Interest Rate Environment”

Is the Life Insurance Industry Stable?

COVID-19 has caused some uncertainty in different financial sectors. Banks, the stock market, and other financial industries have been less than stable? With concerns over mortality rates, can the same be said for the life insurance industry?

This piece from Think Advisor highlights why the life insurance industry is in good shape, especially compared to other industries.

READ: “The State of the Life Insurance Industry is Good”

Should the Government Invest on Your Behalf?

Last in this roundup is an article from Truth Concepts, PEM co-founder Todd Langford’s company. The piece is a thought-provoking discussion of a proposal from hedge fund manager Bill Ackman. The idea in question? That the government “invest” on behalf of all Americans, from birth.

Is “socializing” investing really the solution to financial literacy and wealth inequality?

READ: “Can Socialism Save Capitalism?”

The Best of the Web for Personal Finance

We hope the articles above can offer you some fresh insight into Prosperity Economics™ and ease some pressure for you. If you’re interested in learning more, or have questions about personal finance, reach out to one of our Prosperity Economics™ Advisors.

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