(VIDEO) More Income in Retirement

What’s BETTER Than Stocks and Bonds!?

In our article, “7 Strategies for More Income in Retirement,” the seventh strategy was to consume your  assets strategically.

Below is a case study for the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys that demonstrates just such a strategy!

This presentation was given by Todd Langford of Truth Concepts software with assistance from financial author and advisor Kim Butler, co-founder of the Prosperity Economics™ Movement (and Todd’s wife). Using financial software, they demonstrate the effectiveness of using high cash value whole life insurance instead of bonds in a portfolio to:

  • reduce income taxes,
  • increase income in retirement, and
  • safeguard against volatility and low interest rates
  • while maximizing the value of an estate.

Settle in and take some notes… this was an in-depth presentation originally given for financial professionals. (We thought you might want to “peek behind the curtain.”)

Want personal help with your retirement income strategy?

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