The Advisor Advantage Podcast

The Advisor Advantage podcast is connecting Prosperity Economics™ Advisors one to another through financial conversations that challenge the status quo. This show spreads the message of prosperity and shares the alternatives to big banking and Wall Street investing.

Michael Shaw and Guests

The Wealth Renegade Podcast

You cannot reach the goal you seek by aiming for someone else’s target. You must be willing to go against the grain of typical, routine wealth strategies to experience dramatic breakthroughs in your wealth-building journey, and the Wealth Renegade podcast delivers your roadmap. Are you seeking the best of what the worlds of personal finance and investment have to offer? Look no further! With battle-tested expertise, the Wealth Renegade Podcast sharpens your financial literacy by delving into topics that run the range of the subject of money. Get better financial results by learning to spend, invest, and think for yourself. Strap on your seatbelt, dig in, and build wealth with the Wealth Renegade Podcast!

Robby Butler and Guests

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