The Prosperity Podcast

If you want to keep your money off Wall Street and out of the hands of big bankers, this podcast is for you. In this personal finance show catered to independent thinkers, investors, and entrepreneurs, we teach you how to take control of your money NOW and start living the life you choose TODAY. These strategies will help you bring your future retirement into the here and now.

Kim D. H. Butler and Spencer Shaw

The Wealth Renegade Podcast

You cannot reach the goal you seek by aiming for someone else’s target. You must be willing to go against the grain of typical, comfortable wealth strategies to experience dramatic breakthroughs in your financial life, and the Wealth Renegade podcast delivers your ammunition. Are you seeking what the world of personal finance and investment have to offer? Look no further! With time-tested expertise, the Wealth Renegade Podcast sharpens your financial insight by delving into topics which run the range of your financial life. Join author, founder and Investopedia Top 100 Financial Advisor Kim Butler as well as philanthropic advisor Robby Butler to help you find your investor within – and prosperity with it! Get better financial results by learning to spend, invest, and  think – for yourself. Strap on your seatbelt, find out the 12 principles, dig in and learn with the Wealth Renegade Podcast!

Kim D. H. Butler and Robby Butler