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Family Legacy Card Game is a fun and interactive way to help teach multi-generational wealth strategies with a catchy, easy-to-remember gaming experience that the whole family will enjoy.

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  • Inspiring Fun with the whole family! Learn the habits and tools that build generational wealth synergistically
  • Educational Master Perpetual Wealth concepts for every phase of life. Grow together by building and reinforcing prosperous habits
  • Activating! Gain actionable insights and learn what your next steps are based on your own life phase

Learn to Create Perpetual Wealth

Use the Legacy Card Game to teach principles from the Perpetual Wealth story by Kim Butler.

Using Family Financing for leadership development.

Guidelines for family lending and borrowing.

How to get the whole family saving.

Communicating about money, values, legacy and more.

The idea of Perpetual Wealth has always fed my Soul Purpose.
Perpetual meaning long term legacy and Soul Purpose meaning what I was put on earth to do/give. Those two go together in a way to drives my energies every day. This book gives you some concrete steps to take with your family to work on both Legacy and your own sense of your gifts (and your family's gifts) to the world.

Entrepreneur and author of NYT best-seller, Killing Sacred Cows,
and What Would the Rockefellers Do?

Learn together with your loved ones

There is power in Perpetual Wealth that is not commonly understood by the typical investor.
The idea of using wealth for multiple purposes to create long-term wealth is one that few people understand and Perpetual Wealth outlines in easy to understand language. I use this system for myself and my clients.

CPA, founder of Wealthability and best-selling author of Tax-Free Wealth.

Legacy Card Game

Learn with the whole family

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