Prosperity Economics™ Songs!

It can be hard to remember financial concepts. But it’s EASY to recall a catchy song!

And now you can sing along to key concepts that advisors and investors might remember from Prosperity Economics™ books or financial software trainings.

(WARNING: these songs are extremely catchy and can be hard to get out of your head!)

The Life Insurance Song:

Learn more by reading Live Your Life Insurance—the BEST summary and introduction to whole life insurance that explains many creative ways to use life insurance as your financial foundation to build wealth.

The Disadvantages of a 401(k) Song:

We highly recommend reading Busting the Retirement Lies to understand the TRUTH about qualified government retirement plans! The book contains some charts and graphs as well as inspiring stories of people who have reinvented retirement.

The 30-Year Mortages Song:

To learn more about why we DON’T typically recommend a 30-year mortgage, read Busting the Interest Rate Lies. (We’ve got financial software screenshots as well as a fictional story to demonstrate the advantage of using extra money to save and invest SEPARATELY rather than putting it towards principal.
We hope you enjoyed these Prosperity Economics™ songs. We had fun coming up with the songs and videos.

All of the lyrics are from Kim Butler, co-founder of the Prosperity Economics™ Movement. Kim is an Amazon best-selling author, business owner, entpreneur coach, and recognized thought-leader and expert in the financial world. And now… a SONGWRITER as well!


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