Money Myth Video #8: The Stock Market Is the Best Place to Invest Long-Term

As Prosperity Economics™ Movement co-founder Kim Butler explains in this Money Myth video, the real problem with this myth is how it has LIMITED our ideas of what most people consider an “investment”!

There’s nothing wrong with holding some equities in your portfolio—most people do. And while stocks can still perform well over the long haul, high-speed trading, pump-and-dump IPO offerings and the advent of fee-ridden mutual funds have made stocks more volatile and less profitable for most investors.

The financial media conveniently has narrowed the definition of “investment” to only the products that Wall Street firms and big banks sell. Following typical financial advice will limit the asset classes you use and subject the bulk of your assets to systemic market risk. Fortunately, there are other options! Watch the video to learn what some of them are:

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