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We are a non-profit 501c3 membership based community of like-minded investors

The Abundant Alternative to Financial Planning

Our Mission

Our mission is to learn the whole truth about money and apply it daily, teach it to clients and guide our nation onto more solid economic ground. Our focus is on sustainable financial solutions that have stood the test of time. We employ common-sense principles and strategies that preceded the rise of 401ks and the financial planning industry. The Prosperity Economics Movement goes beyond any one financial advisor, product or strategy. It is a new philosophy that espouses tried-and-true principles such as saving safely, creating cash-flowing assets, and using permanent insurance when appropriate.

Who & How We Serve

We serve consumers seeking to build wealth, but who are wary of traditional methods espoused by corporate financial advisors. We provide education on the concept of Prosperity Economics available through our media archive (links to blog, podcasts, books) and consultations. We also provide guidance for connecting to a financial advisor trained in the Prosperity Economics methodology. Prosperity Economics represents a different way of thinking, an alternative to “typical” financial planning’s reliance on mutual funds and tax-deferred government programs. Unlike some “typical” financial strategies, it teaches investors NOT to delegate control of their assets to their broker, their employer, or the government.

Our Story

The Prosperity Economics Movement is 501c3 organization founded in 2014 to ensure the legacy of our alternative approach to financial planning. Our Founders, Kim D. H. Butler and Todd Langford, envisioned an organization that would transcend the typical financial planning concept of “better than nothing” approach that only gets people half way up the hill. Instead, the Prosperity Economics Advisor shows you how to reach the “mountaintops” of prosperity.

Our Philosophy

Comparing the Prosperity Economics philosophy to typical financial planning.

The old way of thinking

Financial Planning​​

Meets needs and goals only

Minimizes requirements

Product oriented (what you buy)

Focused on rate-of-return

Institutions control your money

Micro (vacuum) based

Net worth is measurement

Retirement oriented

Lives only on interest

Money stays still

A prosperous way of thinking

Prosperity Economics

Pursues wants and dreams

Optimizes opportunities

Strategy-oriented (what you do)

Focused on recovering opportunity cost

You control your money

Macro (big picture) based

Cash flow is measurement

Abundant/Freedom oriented

Spends and replaces principle

Money moves

Our Philosophy

Comparing the Prosperity Economics philosophy to typical financial planning.

Prosperity Economics

  • Pursues wants and dreams

    Based on unlimited ideas of “what is possible”

  • Optimizes opportunities

    “How else can I build wealth?” mindset

  • Strategy-oriented (what you do)

    Based on the time-tested principles and financial philosophies used to build wealth

  • Focused on recovering opportunity cost

    Keep more money working for you

  • You control your money

    Maintain responsibility for and access to your assets and funds

  • Macro (big picture) based

    View your whole personal economy

  • Cash flow is measurement

    The goal is more money to enjoy each month

  • Abundant/Freedom oriented

    Enjoy your work and your life - all life long

  • Spends and replaces principle

    A flexible, sustainable way to live

  • Money moves

    Your personal economy is alive and well: money flows in and out of accounts

Financial Planning​​

  • Meets needs and goals only

    Based on limited ideas of what you can afford

  • Minimizes requirements

    “How much do I have to save?”

  • Product oriented (what you buy)

    Focus is primarily on buying certain products

  • Focused on rate-of-return

    “How much is this earning me?”

  • Institutions control your money

    Put your assets “under management” (and/or give control to the government)

  • Micro (vacuum) based

    Focus in on your portfolio

  • Net worth is measurement

    A bigger portfolio is the goal

  • Retirement oriented

    Your reward for work is not working

  • Lives only on interest

    At the mercy of interest rates, with fingers crossed you don't need to use this principle

  • Money stays still

    Assets are accumulated into accounts where they sit, financially “stagnant”

Our Board

Image of Kim D. H. Butler

Kim Butler

Founder of Partners for Prosperity, LLC, Kim Butler has shunned common financial products such as stocks, bonds, savings accounts and CDs in favor of alternative investments, private lending, and creative life insurance strategies outside of the typical financial planning “box.”

Todd Langford

Financial software pioneer Todd Langford of TruthConcepts.com is the Co- Founder of the Prosperity Economics Movement. He is always checking the math and espousing the mission of “Wealth without Wall Street” to clients and other advisors alike.

Patrick Donohoe

As the President and CEO of Paradigm Life & PL Wealth Advisors, Patrick is recognized in his field for creating virtual, online environments where individuals, families, business owners, and investors can learn about financial strategies and techniques not taught on Wall Street. He is also the author of 'Heads I Win Tails You Lose' and host of The Wealth Standard Podcast.