Focused On Your Goals

Your Success Is Ours

Our advisors only succeed when you do. The objective of every Prosperity Economics™ advisor is to not just help provide tools, but to make sure you know how to use them. Once you have the knowledge and the mechanism to succeed, you can take the steps you need to begin your path to prosperity.

More Than Just Advice

Prosperity Economics™ advisors do a lot more than provide helpful ideas. Our advisors are guides. The journey to economic empowerment is a lot like a trek up a mountain. As you progress towards your peak prosperity, each “challenge” is an opportunity for success. With an economic guide by your side to point out each opportunity and prepare you for it, the journey is easier and more comfortable.

Like any good guide, our advisors make sure you’re prepared. To give you the best tools possible, they first gain an understanding of your goals. For instance, if one of your goals is to have a 5-day weekend, where you spend more time enjoying life than simply working to live, Prosperity Economics™ advisors can give you clear steps as to how to reach your destination.

Are You Ready?

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Co-founder of The Prosperity Economics™™ Movement, Kim Butler, has spent her career in the personal finance space. She is frequently sought as a subject matter expert for whole life insurance and alternative investments, and she used her expertise to boil down these strategies for investing experts and non-experts alike. In this book, you’ll discover:

  • The centuries-old wealth-building method that helps your money grow without taxes
  • The best strategies for building prosperity at any life stage
  • How to benefit from your life insurance while you’re still alive
  • …. And many other surprising tips for living prosperously!