About us

Pursue your wants and dreams

The Prosperity Economics Movement (PEM) is driven by individuals who have committed to powerful core principles. These help open the door for new ways of earning, spending, and living off of money. Yet they do more than that. They serve as the motivating force behind a movement that is poised to change how money works in people’s lives—a movement focused on helping people live a more satisfying, fulfilling existence.

Our Purpose

We support the idea of finding work we love, and working until we no longer can. Work can be rewarding and help provide a sense of fulfillment, and we aim to help people strike the right balance.

Along the way, this means taking lots of vacations and sabbaticals. We then focus our strengths and innate talents on helping others.

Our Values

Our values consist of:

• Preparation over planning
• Protection over risk tolerance
• Creation over consumption
• Prosperity over scarcity
• Our Code of Honor

Our Vision

Our vision consists of where we see the Prosperity Economics Movement going in the near future, as well as what we see coming next.

Our Mission

Our mission consists of action steps designed to help make the vision come true. The Prosperity Economics Movement’s mission is broad, yet tangible. Three essential, actionable steps comprise our mission:

Learn the whole truth about money and apply it daily.

Teach it to clients and others, including our children.

Guide our nation onto more solid economic ground.

Our Creed

Save 20% or more of all income earned.
Build emergency/opportunity funds for our future.
Protect our Human Life Value with a mix of term and whole life insurance.
Optimize all other insurances with high deductibles and lower premiums.

This drives the following question: Do our dollars give us the Control, provide Liquidity, have the freedom to be Used and act like Equity so we can leverage them to do many different things?

You can learn how Prosperity Economics turns principles into action in our Resource Pool.

Live by the CLUE acronym and use it to test investments:

C – Control
L – Liquidity
U – Use
E – Equity

Meet our Board

Image of Kim D. H. Butler

Kim Butler

Founder of Partners for Prosperity, LLC, Kim Butler has shunned common financial products such as stocks, bonds, savings accounts and CDs in favor of alternative investments, private lending, and creative life insurance strategies outside of the traditional financial planning “box.”

Todd Langford

Financial software pioneer Todd Langford of TruthConcepts.com is the Co- Founder of the Prosperity Economics Movement. He is always checking the math and espousing the mission of “Wealth without Wall Street” to clients and other advisors alike.

Patrick Donohoe

As the President and CEO of Paradigm Life & PL Wealth Advisors, Patrick is recognized in his field for creating virtual, online environments where individuals, families, business owners, and investors can learn about financial strategies and techniques not taught on Wall Street. He is also the author of 'Heads I Win Tails You Lose' and host of The Wealth Standard Podcast.

Our Philosophy

Comparing the Prosperity Economics philosophy to typical financial planning.

The old way of thinking

Financial Planning​​

Meets needs and goals only

Minimizes requirements

Product oriented (what you buy)

Focused on rate-of-return

Institutions control your money

Micro (vacuum) based

Net worth is measurement

Retirement oriented

Lives only on interest

Money stays still

A prosperous way of thinking

Prosperity Economics

Pursues wants and dreams

Optimizes opportunities

Strategy-oriented (what you do)

Focused on recovering opportunity cost

You control your money

Macro (big picture) based

Cash flow is measurement

Abundant/Freedom oriented

Spends and replaces principle

Money moves