About us

Pursue your wants and dreams

The Prosperity Economics™ Movement (PEM) is driven by individuals who have committed to a set of proven core principles that are life-changing.. This foundation opens the door for new ways of earning, spending, and utilizing money. Our principles serve as the motivating force behind a movement that is poised to change how money can work in your life – focused on helping you live a more satisfying and fulfilling existence.

Our Guiding Principles – What We Stand For

Our Mission

Our mission is to learn the whole truth about money and apply it daily, teach it to clients, advisors, and others (including our children), and guide our nation onto more solid economic ground. To accomplish this mission, we utilize sustainable financial solutions that have stood the test of time. We employ common-sense strategies that precede the rise of 401ks and the financial planning industry. Most importantly, we espouse tried-and-true principles that go beyond any one financial advisor, product, or strategy. This philosophy promotes saving safely, creating cash-flowing assets, and using permanent insurance when appropriate.

Our Values

We value preparation over planning, protection over risk tolerance, creation over consumption, prosperity over scarcity, and to live by our Creed.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to find work we love and work towards fulfilling our mission until we no longer can. Work can be rewarding and provide a sense of fulfillment, yet we also believe in crafting a life of balance by incorporating fun. This means taking lots of vacations and sabbaticals along the way to rest, recharge, and appreciate everything life has to offer. We then focus our strengths and talents on helping others achieve a similar purpose.

Our Vision

We envision a movement that helps people optimize their current assets, create new opportunities for money generation, and develop an even better financial situation for themselves and their families. Our vision will challenge many typical financial strategies, yet it will also set a new precedent for strong financial education and flexible money methodologies that help individuals reach a more solid and stable financial future.

Our Creed

We live by the CLUE acronym and use it to test all our investments: C-Control; L-Liquidity; U-Use; E-Equity. Before spending or investing money in anything, our guiding question is “Will this investment offer the control, provide the liquidity, have the freedom to be used, and generate equity so we can leverage it to do many different things?”

You can learn more about our creed in action on the Prosperity Economics™ Resources page.

By using this test as a filter for how money is used, we will work towards the following results:

• Save 20% or more of all income earned
• Build an emergency/opportunity pool of funds for our future
• Protect our Human Life Value with a mix of term and whole life insurance
• Optimize all other insurances with higher deductibles and lower premiums

Our Philosophy

Comparing the Prosperity Economics™ philosophy to typical financial planning.

The old way of thinking

Financial Planning​​

Meets needs and goals only

Minimizes requirements

Product oriented (what you buy)

Focused on rate-of-return

Institutions control your money

Micro (vacuum) based

Net worth is measurement

Retirement oriented

Lives only on interest

Money stays still

A prosperous way of thinking

Prosperity Economics™

Pursues wants and dreams

Optimizes opportunities

Strategy-oriented (what you do)

Focused on recovering opportunity cost

You control your money

Macro (big picture) based

Cash flow is measurement

Abundant/Freedom oriented

Spends and replaces principle

Money moves